Tech Trends 2022

The beginning of the year is always the time when the Internet is full of predictions of what technologies will dominate the next year and other Paulo Coelho’s hints what really matters in life. Here comes our top four:

Small businesses can do more now thanks to software

Since the software "automates", if the software "analyzes" and "makes decisions," you don't need a human to perform a large number of these tasks. So smaller companies can act like larger ones. They can afford it. An organization of several people can fulfill all the functions of large companies. The power of small businesses is particularly evident in the technology sectors - when small meets large, small almost always wins. Now, thanks to the software, we will see it more often in other industries [read more].

Knowledge Even More Pricey

Someday, we will be able to write an AI that can actually think and be creative. It will be able to learn and extend itself beyond its current programming…. Stanislaw Lem would have written.

However, the software is made by people. Today, creating IT solutions means putting together a puzzle - a relatively short list of functions and algorithms creates the most complex system. But to put these puzzles into a meaningful picture, you need knowledge. Therefore, skills come at a higher price than the software itself. The computer programs make a difference not because they are easy, but because they are hard to make.

Process Orchestration

Companies are becoming more and more tech-saturated: they have systems, services, bots, devices - information is created and processed in various places. This information exchange must be coordinated to ensure the proper quality of the processes. Bridges are needed between these components that make up the architecture of the company's systems.

Bots, cobots, RPA will not transform business from patchwork quilt to controlled processes. These will be essentially the same processes being run by bots instead of humans. They just got faster.

True process automation requires investment in technology that will enable such automation [read more].

The Times They Aren’t Changin' 

There is one tool that connects companies regardless of industry, size or geography. Swiss army knife and all-purpose software. Companies use it not only as a spreadsheet. For most companies database, big data, data lake, machine learning and artificial intelligence is Microsoft Excel. Good at everything and hopeless at everything. 2022 will be the year of Excel. The more that Microsoft announces that you will pay for it once and you can use it to the end - what could be prophetic.